Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We had all intentions of leaving Vermont on Friday night,
but I had a trip to the Vermont Country Deli on my to-do list & it just hadn't happened, yet, so logically we had to stay another day!

We spent Friday at my office enjoying a picnic with my coworkers!  It was wonderful to see them again & meet the people who had come on board over the past 2 years!
The time with them went too fast.
On Friday night we celebrated Brad's birthday with a pizza party and bonfire.
I don't know how I missed pictures of all of these fun activities!

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early, ran over to Manchester for a little shopping at Orvis!
Norah fed the fish in the pond while Brad drooled over all of the fishing rods he wasn't going to buy.
{so wish I had gotten a picture of Norah feeding the fish... she LOVED it!  Makes me want to dig a pond in our back yard}.

And after walking out of Orvis with nothing more  than a souvenir for our friends, we headed over to New York to watch the boys play some football!
Norah spent her time picking the flowers and chasing after a sweet little boy {we're in so much trouble when she gets older}.  It was great to be able to spend a little more time with the Wrights.

It was a long day for Miss Norah.
Luckily for her, Vermont Country Deli was a good two hour drive from New York.  She got a lot of sleep to and from & a yummy dinner to boot.

And this concludes our trip to Vermont.
A week was not enough time!
We're hoping so badly to make it back there before we leave Maryland!
We had a great time & are missing everyone so much!
Thank you Jenn & Jamie for allowing us to invade your home!  Looking forward to another vacation together!!

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