Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On Thursday we went to the Great Escape in New York.
This was a favorite past time of ours when we lived in Vermont.
It was nice to revisit the park with the Wrights.

Nothing has changed except for the fact that we now have a little one who can't go on every ride, but it gave the bigger kids an advantage to go on the rides twice... once with me and once with Brad.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
Norah got to ride on her first rides in the kiddie park.
Good thing we were running out of time because I don't think she was ready for them.
Brad said she was uncomfortable on the bus ride & I am pretty sure she was about to lose her lunch on the kid's drop ride.  
We'll stick to the carousel.
Norah went on her first flume ride.
We bought that picture...
...the poor girl was terrified!
Maybe someday she will get her Mommy & Daddy's thrill of amusement park rides!

Norah loved the costumed characters...
...well, until we got up close to them.  Then she cried!!  So, we watched them from afar.
And the ducks... she could have chased them around all day.
It was a good day, but sad.
We knew we only had one more day left in Vermont.

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