Monday, November 18, 2013


I'm FINALLY caught up!
I never thought I would see the day, but here I am blogging about our adventures YESTERDAY!!!
Woo hoo!!

When we were at AnnMarie Gardens for the Halloween Trick or Treating event, I noticed some little houses for the kids to play in.  The line to get into the event was so long that day & I had an appointment that afternoon, so we had to stick with the plan to walk the path and go, but we planned to return to let Norah play in the houses.

She loved it!!
The colored tree stumps were a blast to skip on.
And playing pretend with the spoons & bowls scattered throughout the wooded area was right up Norah's alley.
She picked up rocks & pinecones and LOGS!
She is a strong little girl!!
And loves to rearrange her surroundings.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL!
We bundled up in our winter apparrel and walked outside to what felt like high 60's/low 70 degrees.
The coats didn't last long!
I can get used to that weather in the middle of November!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


When we lived in Pensacola, Brad & I {& Norah in the womb} used to go to the movies all of the time.  Primarily when the weather was bad.  But, that changes once you have a baby.  
We had been to the movies once since Norah was born {thank goodness for Omah & Opah for giving us a date night last December}... SOOO, when I found out that the base theater was offering a free showing of Planes, I thought, "what do we have to lose??"  Going to a free showing beat losing $30 in movie tickets {not including popcorn and drinks} when Norah decided she would rather run up and down the isle AND I knew the theater would be filled with a ton of other kids who couldn't sit still and had an attentions span of about 15 minutes.  Why not give it a shot???
I was anxious from the get go.
I knew it would be my child who wanted to talk through the whole movie.  And by talk, I mean speak at a volume only a Muthersbaugh could speak at.
The theater was PACKED, but we were able to score end seats towards the back, so we wouldn't disturb too many people if/when we had to get up and burn off some energy in the lobby.
Norah loved the popcorn {along with the other snacks we packed for her}.  I think they were gone before the previews started.  Brad spent half of the previews checking his Fantasy Football stats.
Norah was so intrigued by the big screen & made it through about a third of the movie before we had to make our first trip to the lobby.
A few laps later we took our seats again for about 10 minutes and back out to the lobby we went.  She made a few friends in the lobby {glad we weren't the only ones missing it}.
Brad took a turn and then I went out one more time until we finally decided that it was time to go 3/4 of the way through.
We're really looking forward to renting it so I can see the majority of the movie and Brad can catch the end.
But, I'm glad we gave it a shot.
It will be a few years {or at least until another free showing} until our next theater showing.

After leaving the theater, we headed to the park on base to really let Norah burn off some steam.  She made friends with the older girls who enjoyed picking her up and guiding her around the playground.  
Norah can never get enough playground time.

10.31.13 - Halloween 2013

I love making Norah's Halloween costumes, but
this year Norah presented me with some extra challenges...
I kept the sewing machine on the dining room table while constructing her costume &, to my surprise, every time she climbed up on the dining room chairs, she changed another setting to my sewing machine.
There were some frustrating moments since I really do only know the basics of sewing, but thank goodness for the manual... I was able to get everything back to normal.

As usual, between a full time job, being Mom while Brad was on a DET for part of the month, and complete exhaustion from being woken up far earlier than usual throughout the month, I didn't finish her costume until the night before Halloween, but the point is, it got done & she was the cutest Pebbles on the block!!!

We knew if we were going to go the route of Pebbles, this would be our last year to do it because her hair was the PERFECT length.
Believe it or not, this is her hair style most days.
Too short to do much else with it, but too long to keep it in her eyes.
I love her little waterfall pony tail!

For all days for Norah to refuse a nap, Halloween was that day!!
She was MISERABLE come 5:30!
I considered staying home and skipping Trick or Treating.
But, I think that was more of a punishment for me than it would have been for Norah.
Typical Norah, once we got out and about amongst the other kiddos, she was happy as can be, but getting ready for Trick or Treating was a miserable mess!

We made plans to Trick or Treat with Norah's friend, C!
They had a blast chasing each other around & gave each other lots of hugs!
C was the cutest little monkey I ever did see!

And the command allowed Brad to come home for a few hours to walk around with us.
Night shift has it's downfalls, but they are often times considerate of the parents.  Norah was THRILLED to see her Daddy roll up on his motorcycle.
Brad went as a U.S. Sailor this year.  ;)

After getting lots of candy, we decided to head back to the house and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.
Norah and Daddy had a blast counting and playing in her push car!  It was such a fun night!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Norah found her perfect pumpkin & we were very excited to decorate!
Brad was always into the whole pumpkin carving thing...
I was always more of a three triangles and a mouth kind of carver.  
We weren't really sure what we were going to do about Norah's pumpkin this year... far too soon for knives.
I figured we would let her paint it a solid color and we could go from there.
I bought pumpkin stickers & had all intentions of adding them to her painted pumpkin... never happened.
We also intended on carving our pumpkins after Norah went to sleep... also, never happened!
Oh, the beauty of being parents. :)
But, painting Norah's pumpkin was progress from last year...
...there were no changes made to those pumpkins!
They were used to prop Norah up in the pictures I took instead.

She had a great time... she may or may not have tried to eat the paint brush.  We put a stop to that pretty quickly.
Next year we'll do something more elaborate.

Ok, seriously after MONTHS of not realizing why my pictures were all terrible and noisy & how no amount of editing was helping them, I FINALLY realized I must have changed my settings to shoot in JPEG only at one point to save space on a very full memory card & never changed it back.
I tried changing every setting on my camera this night because the lighting is just DREADFUL in our house.
And changing the types of lightbulbs never helped the orange tint I was getting in all of the shots.
And then the lightbulb in my head turned on towards the end of pumpkin painting...
TA DA!!!
Shooting in RAW makes a world of difference!
Glad I figured that out.
Now, if it continues, that's just my lack of photography skill shining through. ;)


Last Christmas we went for a walk around Annmarie Gardens to see the light displays with Brad's parents.
It was such a sweet little place & I'm sad we hadn't been back since.
I learned that every year they hold a Halloween Trick or Treating event, too.
We considered going, but I put it in the back of my mind until I got a call from C's mom the morning of the event, asking if we were still going.
I hadn't finished Norah's Halloween costume!!
But, I had a plan!!
We ran to Target after gymnastics & I picked up a cute little witches hat & grabbed the tutu from her costume last year out of her closet {can you tell it had been stashed away for a year??  Good thing I made it big!!} and off to Annmarie Gardens we went.

Annmarie Gardens is a trail through the woods that is adorned with a lot of art sculptures.
They have the most adorable play area for the kids with little houses!  If the line hadn't been so long and we weren't on a time limit, we definitely would have stopped to play.
I'm thinking a trip back is in order when it's not so busy!

Unfortunately this was a have to go, do it, and get out of there kind of day.  The line was SOOOO long.  C hadn't arrived yet, so we had to just go through without the great company.
Norah got lots of candy and the event prepared her for Halloween night!

Isn't she the cutest little witch??

Friday, November 8, 2013


So close to being caught up!!
At least I'm in the right season again!

A few weekends ago we hit up the pumpkin patch with our great friends.
We went to {this pumpkin patch} last year with Brad's mom while Brad was away on DET!
I love Bowles Farm.
It would be the best year round playground EVER for a little kid.
I didn't want to leave & really wanted to go back, but sadly, this will be our last visit to this farm to get our pumpkins as we will PCS before Halloween next year {or at least we better}!

I had such a hard time finding an outfit that was nearly as cute as Norah's outfit last year, so I took matters into my own hands and made her skirt this year.
It's one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe right now.
She needs one for every season, I think.

Norah LOVED searching for the perfect pumpkin!
There were so many that she tried to carry over to us... some successfully, others not so much.
It was such a big change from our experience last year.
I loved watching her really enjoy her surroundings.

See that pumpkin on top of that tractor??
The perfect pumpkin in my eyes!!
I loved that stem!  But, sadly, instead of carrying it around all day, I set it down next to the silo hoping it would still be there when we returned.
No such luck. :(

We walked through the cornfield this year.
It was designed after an F18 & commemorates 70 years of PAX River NAS.  Pretty snazzy.
{picture courtesy of the Bowles Farm website}

And, once again, we rode on the big tractor train!
The kiddos LOVED it!
But, like last year, we got stuck waiting for the tractor parade to make it's way through the train stop.
Luckily it wasn't quite as long as it was last year.

While we waited for the tractor train, C scoped out a really cool slide!  The kiddos could have spent all day on this slide.  All of a sudden nothing else mattered to them.

I don't know if I've mentioned this a million and one times or not, but we absolutely adore C and his family!!
I sure do hope we all end up in the same place again someday!  I can't imagine we would ever find people as kind and welcoming anywhere else!