Thursday, October 17, 2013



I can't believe how far behind I am with posts.
I know I keep saying that, but I feel like Norah started gymnastics FOREVER ago & I still haven't posted from her first session...
...she's on her 3rd (about to start her 4th) 6 week session!  

Well, back in July we signed Norah up for gymnastics & what a hit!
There is next to nothing to do with an 18 month old {15 months at the time of sign-ups} on the weekends here.  Everything is scheduled around a stay at home mom's schedule when it comes to activities.  I love that there are music classes and dance classes for 18 month olds... I just hate that they're all at 10am on a weekday.  
That frustrates me.
I know I'm not the only working mom in the world, so I feel bad for all of the other moms who can't enroll their kids in activities.
We want our kids to be active.
We don't want the TV to be their babysitter.
We want Norah to be able to socialize with kids her age.
So I was elated when I found that the local Parks & Rec. offered a gymnastics class for toddlers.
We signed her up with her buddy, C.
The two of them are besties & have a real blast together!

In her first couple of weeks it was all about the tunnel, ball pit, and trampoline.
Now, her favorites are the balance beam {she's a true gymnast on it... she'll be perfecting her dismount soon}, the giant slide, and the trapeze. 
Thinking back on Norah's first few weeks in class, it's amazing to see her growth.
On the first day I looked at C's mommy during introductions and just shook my head.
There was no way Norah was ever going to sit still for these... EVER!
Now, not only does she sit still, but the first thing she does when she enters the room is she finds and sits on her star & waits patiently for the music to begin.  She's really getting into the routine!

She used to crawl on the balance beam.  Now, she's walking... quickly... and on the tallest one {the thing comes up to my chest}!!

I love our Saturday morning routine!
The parents and kids in gymnastics are so sweet and lots of fun!
I'm so glad we enrolled!
I hope wherever we end up next will have lots of weekend/evening activities for Norah!
She is having a blast!


A few more pics from the day:

For the longest time Norah would find Brad's cover and just sit around with it on her head.
She eventually got one of her own.

And her birthday gift from her cousins... a doll stroller for Bitty!  
She loves the stroller, but I think she sits in it now more than Bitty Baby!

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