Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My most recent trip to Pennsylvania {back in JULY} was a bittersweet one.  
I was able to spend the weekend with a lot of family & really enjoyed our time together.  
I was reunited with my half brothers & sisters after 12+ years. 
What an amazing moment!!!
And I was able to spend the weekend with my brother's family.  
There was baseball and lots of memories.    
This trip was the first time I had spent a night away from Norah.  It was hard  to go, but knowing I would be gone from Saturday morning until Sunday night made the idea of taking the trip without her a good one, so she had some daddy time!
She cried when I left... 
I am her constant.  She is mine.
  We are ALWAYS together.
I like it that way, but this trip was a mission... a quick one.
See, my super successful sister-in-law got a great job in North Carolina, so they were in the midst of a big move.  When my mom passed away they held onto some things that my other brother and I didn't have the space for that just couldn't go with them to NC.  
It was time for us to go through it. 
We ventured down memory lane when going through a tote of pictures that was collected from my mom's house.  It was my main purpose for the trip... now, imagine doing this while chasing a 1 year old around... see why she stayed home with daddy?? ;)

In the short time I was in PA I had the pleasure of watching my nephew play his last baseball game in PA!  He's good... correction... he's an amazing baseball player!
He's so committed & I love watching him play & watching my brother coach his son to follow in his footsteps.  I'm one proud aunt!
It was a beautiful night & my pictures don't do the sunset any justice.

I miss them being in Pennsylvania.
They may only be an additional 2 hours away, but it feels like so much further!
I can't wait to visit their new home & watch Dylan play with, and Jason coach, their NC team!

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