Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Brad was still away on business.
Norah and I needed to get out of the house,
so when I found out they were doing tours of the Point Lookout Lighthouse, I recruited my dear friend Gina {whose husband had been kidnapped by the Navy to be inducted as a Chief}.  So, we took advantage of being military wives & we headed down to the shore.

The lighthouse was built in the 1800's and is a sad site today.
It's unfortunate that they can't get the funding to keep up with it.
They open the doors once a month for people to see.
There are holes in the interior walls, paint peeling, and nothing more than printouts pinned to the walls to look at.
They allowed us to climb up the super steep stairs and through the tiny crawl space to the light.
It was a beautiful view.
Since the tour itself didn't take long we walked around the grounds a bit and enjoyed the scenery.
The lighthouse is on the grounds of the Point Lookout State Park.  A lot of people go there to fish, camp, and picnic.
It's beautiful!
I can't believe we hadn't been there sooner!

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