Wednesday, October 23, 2013


And I'm finally closing out my July posts!
Only 2 more months to catch up on. :)
That makes me happy...
...slowly chipping away.


Norah is a climber.
I may have mentioned that before.
I frequently find her on the coffee table in the living room,
on my office chair spinning around,
trying to get up on the desk by way of the desktop tower,
but most frequently she is in the dining room
{almost out of site}
trying to get on our oh-so-fragile drop leaf table.
She has succeeded...
multiple times.

She is fearless.
I'm not so sure who she gets that from.
She is also cautious in many ways.
That she gets from me.
What a combo!

Norah makes me laugh and smile and cry {happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears... mostly proud tears}!
During our bedtime routine tonight I asked Norah if she was ready to say her prayers and she tapped her shoulders with both pointer fingers... her version of the sign of the cross!
After her bedtime story & prayers I will often times whisper Goodnight Moon in her ear.  A trick that works well.
Tonight she wrapped her arms around my neck & pulled me in tight.
She pushed me away...
...and pulled me in tight.
She repeated this many times & I couldn't feel more loved!
She says "mwah" now when giving kisses & makes sure I kiss at least one of her stuffed animals goodnight after tucking her in.
She is sweet!
She knows what it is to love
& she knows how to show it!!
I never want that to end!!

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