Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Brad had to travel for business again in July.
I honestly don't even remember where he was this time.
The older Norah gets, the harder it is to watch him leave.
We take him to base first thing in the morning to catch his flight...
Norah always knows that Daddy will be gone for more than his normal shift on these days.  
She cries... I cry... 
It's so hard to watch him leave knowing that Norah will have to go weeks without her Daddy's hugs & kisses.
I say it every time... I am so happy we have Facetime.
I don't know how our grandparents or even Aunts & Uncles were in the military surviving only on snail mail.
They were much stronger than I could ever be!
Norah looks forward to her Daddy time, even if it's on an iPad monitor.
It's full of monitor kisses, blowing kisses, and showing Daddy everything she has learned since the previous night.
Nights she doesn't see Brad really shows in her mood.
Like her mommy she gets irritable, cranky, and sad when he has to work a late shift or go in extra early.
We cherish the time... it's short when he's home...
it's even shorter when he's away.

She sure does love him!
She is 99.9% a Daddy's girl...
And she is 100% his princess!

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