Sunday, October 20, 2013


Norah loves push cars...
she has 3 of them
{all a little different}.
But, her yellow push car was her first
and she started out only going backwards in it.
She is going front, back, and upside down at this point {yes, we have had a few rollovers}.
Many times she pushes her yellow one over to the entertainment center, or desk, or dining room table and uses it as a step stool.
There is nothing out of Norah's reach these days.

Ooooh... and food.
Norah cannot get enough of it!
If she just ate and you are indulging in a treat of your own, she will eat that, too!
She has her Daddy's metabolism because I really have no idea where she puts it all!
I wish I could pinpoint a favorite food, but she is not picky at all. :)
She has tried peanut butter...
that was a hit.
And, although we have had no signs of allergies, I still panic when I give it to her.  Silly me.

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