Sunday, October 27, 2013


The night Brad came home from DET our friends Megan & Gibb planned a cookout on the beach!
One of the #1 perks of being in the Navy is having a beach nearby & we really haven't taken advantage of the Maryland beaches.
We love spending time with Gibb & Megan.
Their son is Norah's best friend, so any chance we get to let them play, we take it!
Brad was flying into base, and since the beach was on base, we couldn't think of a better place to wait for his arrival 
{or better people to welcome him home}.

Norah was terrified of the sand.
She hadn't been on it since she was a few months old,
so she stayed on the sheet...
...reached out far for any toys that may have escaped without actually leaving the sheet.
In the meantime, C was exploring the entire beach.
I wished Norah was more adventurous, but Megan reminded me to enjoy the time while she sat still and I wasn't chasing her around.

We watched Brad's plane fly in over our heads.
We were so close to reuniting with him!!

Once I got the call, I left Norah on the beach with our friends & drove over to the hangar to pick Brad up.
When we returned, and he walked up on the beach,
Norah was so distracted by C and the toys that it took a lot for us to get her to look in Brad's direction.  Apparently, she wasn't aware there was more to this fun day!
Once she caught sight of Brad, her face was glowing with the biggest smile!!
I'm so glad I carried my camera with me & was able to capture this moment.

I love how she made this their private moment!!

Brad helped Norah get over her fear of the sand.
Megan was right... it was kind of nice not having to chase Norah around the beach.  We all had sore feat from the stones and shells by the end of the night.

After a yummy meal & lots of great conversation, the night was completed by one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen since Jamaica.
Maryland isn't all bad!
It's moments like these, surrounded by the most caring people, that really make our time here feel too short!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Brad was still away on business.
Norah and I needed to get out of the house,
so when I found out they were doing tours of the Point Lookout Lighthouse, I recruited my dear friend Gina {whose husband had been kidnapped by the Navy to be inducted as a Chief}.  So, we took advantage of being military wives & we headed down to the shore.

The lighthouse was built in the 1800's and is a sad site today.
It's unfortunate that they can't get the funding to keep up with it.
They open the doors once a month for people to see.
There are holes in the interior walls, paint peeling, and nothing more than printouts pinned to the walls to look at.
They allowed us to climb up the super steep stairs and through the tiny crawl space to the light.
It was a beautiful view.
Since the tour itself didn't take long we walked around the grounds a bit and enjoyed the scenery.
The lighthouse is on the grounds of the Point Lookout State Park.  A lot of people go there to fish, camp, and picnic.
It's beautiful!
I can't believe we hadn't been there sooner!


And I'm finally closing out my July posts!
Only 2 more months to catch up on. :)
That makes me happy...
...slowly chipping away.


Norah is a climber.
I may have mentioned that before.
I frequently find her on the coffee table in the living room,
on my office chair spinning around,
trying to get up on the desk by way of the desktop tower,
but most frequently she is in the dining room
{almost out of site}
trying to get on our oh-so-fragile drop leaf table.
She has succeeded...
multiple times.

She is fearless.
I'm not so sure who she gets that from.
She is also cautious in many ways.
That she gets from me.
What a combo!

Norah makes me laugh and smile and cry {happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears... mostly proud tears}!
During our bedtime routine tonight I asked Norah if she was ready to say her prayers and she tapped her shoulders with both pointer fingers... her version of the sign of the cross!
After her bedtime story & prayers I will often times whisper Goodnight Moon in her ear.  A trick that works well.
Tonight she wrapped her arms around my neck & pulled me in tight.
She pushed me away...
...and pulled me in tight.
She repeated this many times & I couldn't feel more loved!
She says "mwah" now when giving kisses & makes sure I kiss at least one of her stuffed animals goodnight after tucking her in.
She is sweet!
She knows what it is to love
& she knows how to show it!!
I never want that to end!!


Brad had to travel for business again in July.
I honestly don't even remember where he was this time.
The older Norah gets, the harder it is to watch him leave.
We take him to base first thing in the morning to catch his flight...
Norah always knows that Daddy will be gone for more than his normal shift on these days.  
She cries... I cry... 
It's so hard to watch him leave knowing that Norah will have to go weeks without her Daddy's hugs & kisses.
I say it every time... I am so happy we have Facetime.
I don't know how our grandparents or even Aunts & Uncles were in the military surviving only on snail mail.
They were much stronger than I could ever be!
Norah looks forward to her Daddy time, even if it's on an iPad monitor.
It's full of monitor kisses, blowing kisses, and showing Daddy everything she has learned since the previous night.
Nights she doesn't see Brad really shows in her mood.
Like her mommy she gets irritable, cranky, and sad when he has to work a late shift or go in extra early.
We cherish the time... it's short when he's home...
it's even shorter when he's away.

She sure does love him!
She is 99.9% a Daddy's girl...
And she is 100% his princess!


My little bean burrito...
15 months here...
going on 18 years!
Always has a cell phone & keys in hand.
My favorite is when she multitasks...
eating & taking care of whatever business is on the other end of that phone line.
She's a busy girl...
Don't get in her way!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is Norah's boyfriend, Jackson.
Jackson's parents own the gym we go to & he has known Norah since she was teeny tiny.
He calls her "Baby Nowah."
We just love Jackson!!
He is always so sweet & kind with Norah!
Such a great little boyfriend!!
They love eachother!