Sunday, September 8, 2013

national zoo **06.30.13**

I really need to do a better job at updating this blog.  We have done so much over the past couple of months & I just know I'm going to forget some pretty special memories.

We don't like to sit still.
We know our time in Maryland will come to an end, so we do our best at seeing as much as possible as long as we're here.
I have heard WONDERFUL things about the National Zoo and it has been on my Maryland bucket list since I knew we were moving here.
Norah is at the age now where she is really entertained by the animals.
She loved the gorillas and the elephants most.
It was hot in DC, so we took advantage of the indoor exhibits.  The jungle was my favorite!

I sent Brad into the gift shop for a surprise for Norah.  Of course one just wasn't enough for his little princess.  Lucky for Norah she got Lenny the Lemor and Jerry the Giraffe.  She was over the moon for them both & still is.  It's a great snuggle stuffed animal.  
She is so loved & spoiled by her daddy!

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  1. We love all the pictures and the Zoo is so much fun :-) The Lemor is Dad's favorite animal, so that gave Dad a big smile to know they share the same likes in animals xxoo..