Monday, September 9, 2013

july 4th 2013

It's funny how differently I see the patriotic holidays now that we are a military family.
As nice as bar-b-que's, fireworks, and the day off from work are, it really is all about the sacrifices our loved ones make and have made for the safety of our country.

Now, we did have a bar-b-que, the day off, and were able to enjoy fireworks, but it was nice to be surrounded by the local military families as we celebrated our independence.

After burgers and salads, we got Norah all bundled in her PJs & made a trip to base with our great friends, Greg & Gina.  We were able to find a nice spot that we could watch the fireworks from.
They set them off over the Solomon's Island Bridge.  We had a great view & it was just beautiful.  We had a bit of time before hand to run around in the grass and light off our sparklers with Greg & Gina.
We watched the jelly fish swim around in the water below & I quickly watched as my camera battery died {story of my life}.  But, I didn't lose every opportunity to take pictures, but I did manage to miss the fireworks.

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