Saturday, September 28, 2013


The blog is going to be out of order & it's going to drive me a little bit crazy, but I know Brad is missing his princess.  So, anything I can do to help him feel a little closer to home is worth ruffling the feathers of the little bit of OCD that I have.
Before Brad left we went for a little walk around the neighborhood.  Something we do often with Norah.  The one perk of our community is the overabundance of playgrounds to play on.  If one is crowded {which they rarely are} or have a few older kids, we have many more playgrounds to choose from... but there is one in particular that I love.  It's tucked back next to houses and there is never anyone else on it, so Norah can wander and climb without any fear of getting pushed over by the bigger kids.

Norah LOVES this car.
We can't even go into the garage without her getting excited about a walk around the neighborhood in it.  I hate to disappoint, so it makes for a great excuse to get a walk in.

Friday, September 27, 2013


I have wanted to update my blog for so long,
but sadly, Brad's laptop broke & he took mine with him on DET.  I didn't even think to take all of the photos off of it before he left, so they are all with him & will have to wait until his return to be added to the blog... bummer.
Tonight is a big night.
Our baby is quickly hitting more and more milestones.
Each day I look at her I see less of a baby and more of a little girl.
To say this mama is getting baby fever is an understatement, but it will have to wait because I will not be moving 8 months pregnant! 
In the meantime, I am enjoying every moment with little Miss Norah & trying so hard to stop the hands of time, but alas, it is inevitable... she is going to grow up.
For the past few months we have fought off the transition to a toddler bed.  Every time I opened the closet and saw it propped against the wall I cringed at the thought, but I just couldn't wait anymore.
We have lost the opportunity to let Norah "cry it out" when she doesn't want to nap or sleep.
See, this little one is smart... she knows that mommy and daddy will come a-running if she puts her leg between the bars of her crib. 
And we do... every time.
But, what she must forget each time is that her little legs get a little bigger each day & it gets harder and harder to get them out each time.  So, for fear of having to cut the crib, or worse, Norah hurting herself even more than she already does, we have made the decision to transition her to her toddler bed.
I tried to play it smart... waiting until a Friday night so I have the whole weekend to fight this inevitable battle & still being able to function the next day {or at least having the opportunity to do a whole lot of nothing if I don't have the energy to do so}.
So, I set up her bed as soon as work let out & invited her up to play.
She was so excited by the new founded freedom to crawl in and out of her bed.
She found her stuffed animals immediately, and without skipping a beat, put it's foot directly in her mouth.
Norah was thrilled.
I knew immediately that this would be our  first bedtime experience tonight & my suspicions/fears were right. 
Come bedtime I stuck with our nightly ritual by reading her Good Night Moon & saying our prayers.  I laid her down, kissed her forehead, and told her I would see her in the morning & left the room.
After walking back upstairs 6 times, I stayed and held her hand until she finally closed her eyes and entered dreamland. 
The toddler bed is a big transition for both of us.  I was scared, nervous, and sad all at once.  Scared she would get into something and hurt herself, nervous she would never fall asleep and we would be putting up her crib again, and oh-so-sad that my baby girl is in a big girl bed.  When they said they grow up too fast, they weren't kidding.

Monday, September 9, 2013

july 4th 2013

It's funny how differently I see the patriotic holidays now that we are a military family.
As nice as bar-b-que's, fireworks, and the day off from work are, it really is all about the sacrifices our loved ones make and have made for the safety of our country.

Now, we did have a bar-b-que, the day off, and were able to enjoy fireworks, but it was nice to be surrounded by the local military families as we celebrated our independence.

After burgers and salads, we got Norah all bundled in her PJs & made a trip to base with our great friends, Greg & Gina.  We were able to find a nice spot that we could watch the fireworks from.
They set them off over the Solomon's Island Bridge.  We had a great view & it was just beautiful.  We had a bit of time before hand to run around in the grass and light off our sparklers with Greg & Gina.
We watched the jelly fish swim around in the water below & I quickly watched as my camera battery died {story of my life}.  But, I didn't lose every opportunity to take pictures, but I did manage to miss the fireworks.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

national zoo **06.30.13**

I really need to do a better job at updating this blog.  We have done so much over the past couple of months & I just know I'm going to forget some pretty special memories.

We don't like to sit still.
We know our time in Maryland will come to an end, so we do our best at seeing as much as possible as long as we're here.
I have heard WONDERFUL things about the National Zoo and it has been on my Maryland bucket list since I knew we were moving here.
Norah is at the age now where she is really entertained by the animals.
She loved the gorillas and the elephants most.
It was hot in DC, so we took advantage of the indoor exhibits.  The jungle was my favorite!

I sent Brad into the gift shop for a surprise for Norah.  Of course one just wasn't enough for his little princess.  Lucky for Norah she got Lenny the Lemor and Jerry the Giraffe.  She was over the moon for them both & still is.  It's a great snuggle stuffed animal.  
She is so loved & spoiled by her daddy!