Sunday, August 4, 2013

slow down **06.19.13**

You have grown so much in the past 16 months...
and you never seem to slow down,
as if it's a race to be the first baby to grow up.

You  love to walk from one place to another and back again, arms swinging & picking up the pace each time.

You love your shoes, always bringing them to me to velcro onto your little feet as if you're telling me you don't want to be home anymore...
'we have things to do & places to see, Mom.'

No longer are the play mats.
We have upgraded to push toys & brooms.

My little snuggle bug has become little miss independent {but, I know sometimes you just can't resist some snuggle time with your mama & daddy}.

You are a daredevil,
climbing up on the dining room chairs when you think nobody is watching.

A new found swimmer and gymnast.
You are a social butterfly & love any group activities.

You love to dance & pat your belly to the music.
A trait you got from your Mommy - 100%.

A Daddy's girl, for sure,
giving the iPad lots of kisses when Daddy is across the country.

And quite the 'Chatty Cathy.'
You have a story to tell & will tell it to anyone who will listen.

You are so happy.
You always have been an extrordinarily happy baby.  We love that you have not been disappointed with the life God has chosen for you.

You are Daddy's sweety & my Norah Bean.
That will never ever change no matter how much you grow, 
but please take your time, slow down, and let us enjoy this baby toddler time.
There is no rush to grow up in this house!

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