Saturday, August 3, 2013

pinning **06.03.13**

It's deja vu...
A year ago we were {here}.
And, after a lot of hard work and time spent studying
at the dining room table, we had the honor of watching our Sailor
get promoted from 3rd Class Petty Officer to 2nd Class.

It was quick.
There were a lot of awards and promotions to be given,
so there was no physical pinning taking place this time.
The awards were given quickly
making it impossible to take pictures and be in pictures at the same time.
But, nonetheless, we were proud and very excited to be there
to support this big event in Brad's Navy career.

To say Brad works hard for his accomplishments is an understatement.
We make a lot of sacrifices & spend a lot of time apart,
but all of his hard work pays off in the end 
& we know that he does it all with our family in mind!
I hope our strong work ethic rubs off on Norah as she grows
& that she will always understand that her Daddy works
so hard for her!

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