Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jumping ahead **7/13/13**

Sorry for jumping ahead of our other events, but I'm just so excited by this news... I couldn't wait to catch up to post this!  
I will return to our other adventures later.

When I was 16, my family grew.  
My father & step mom welcomed a sweet little baby boy into the world.
I loved Jonah so much... from the first day he arrived!  
I loved to sing to him {specifically the 'Not for Kids Only' album.  
When Norah was born, I would sing it to her, too 
& always thought of the days I would sing to Jonah}.  
I loved to play baby games with him and watch him grow into a toddler.

Over the next few years my sister Ellie & brother Martin joined the party.
Before Martin arrived, I went off to college and a lot of changes took place in our family...
in an effort to leave those details out of this post, I'll just say, sadly,
we all lost touch with those sweet little kids.
13 years later, I tracked my step mom down on the wonderful social media site we know today as Facebook.  
We talked for a few weeks and made plans for me to make a visit on my trip home this weekend.
I was over the moon with joy to make this visit.

Before I left, Brad asked me if I was nervous...
I wasn't.
Not for a second.
Not even the second I pulled into their driveway...
and not when I walked up and introduced myself to them all for the first & second time.

They were all so young the last time I saw them,
I would have never guessed they would have remembered me.
Jonah had a memory or two, 
and my step sister, Brighid, remembered my curly hair, 
but Ellie and Martin were practically meeting me for the first time,
where Stu, Mary's husband, and their adopted son, Izzy,
were meeting me for the first time.

I was greeted with the most wonderful hugs!
I felt so welcome.
They showed me around their home and the farm grounds.
The kids all showed me their talents...
Ellie on her upright bass
Martin on the electric guitar
Izzy's art work
and Jonah's drumming


We all gathered around the table to catch up on life.
I had missed them SO much in the past 13 years.
A few hours was not enough time to catch up.
I really could have stayed all day!!
The kids are so smart, so much fun, and way too funny!
I hope to have the opportunity to visit often with them.
I have so much to learn from them!!!

I was thrilled that Mary took a picture of our reunion before I carried on my way.  
If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have changed so many things and would have never lost 13 years with my family!

{Jonah, Me, Ellie, Martin, & Izzy in front}

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