Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jamestown **06.02.13**

After a good night's rest at the hotel
we woke up, got ourselves ready,
spread some more egg throughout the dining room,
and carried on our way.

We walked A LOT the previous day throughout Colonial Williamsburg.
My feet HURT!
No, that's an understatement...
my whole body ACHED!
I was not sure how much walking I was going to be up for in Jamestown, 
so we were smart and grabbed the stroller this time.

It was a beautiful day!
The entire weekend was nothing but sunshine!
Luckily, it was a bit cooler down by the water,
so maybe 89 degrees instead of 90!
I'll take it!

After touring the grounds,
getting attacked by giant horse flies,
and sailing the ships,
we spent a lot of time enjoying the artifacts at the museum.
By the end, we were tired & knew we had a 3 hour drive home,
so instead of venturing over to Yorktown to fulfill our tickets,
we grabbed some lunch and hit the road.
We will make sure we visit Yorktown in December when we make our
return trip for the Christmas decorations!

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