Sunday, July 7, 2013

baltimore science museum **5.26.13**

The day after Norah's party, we sent Omah off to Phoenix...
after all, it had been 4 weeks since she saw Opah.  
We couldn't keep her forever!!
Her flight was early... we left the house before the sun came up.
Norah, with her Bitty Baby in tow, spent the drive to Baltimore talking
and laughing my ear off in the back seat.
She's my little chatter box.

After lots of hugs & kisses for Omah, I knew I wanted to make the best of
our time in Baltimore.  I found a children's museum a short trip from the airport, but there was still time to kill before anything opened.
We went to the mall... it was still closed at 8am.
Turns out, on Sundays, they don't open until 11,
so we found a Starbucks, enjoyed a coffee, and practiced walking 
with Norah.  She was really getting the hang of it & everybody
just loved her & kept cheering her own.
We danced to the music, read a story {a few times},
and played with Bitty until the Children's Museum opened.

When we pulled up to the museum, it did not meet our expectations.
The toys outside were dirty, Brad found some pretty horrible reviews,
so we changed our plans.

We headed into downtown Baltimore.
I wanted to take Norah to the big Children's Museum in the city.
It got wonderful reviews & I thought she would have so much fun
playing with all of the toys, but somewhere along the way
Brad had become a germ-a-phobe.  haha... probably the first time we 
ever had a sick baby.
So, we went to the Science Museum instead.
Norah loved the touch and play exhibits.
They even had a children's room on the top floor with a giant water table
& a baby/toddler room.  It was a great choice 
& a wonderful way to spend our Sunday in the city.

We had a lot of fun at the museum.  
Norah got tackled by some toddlers on the Children's floor
{now I understood Brad's fear of going to the children's museum}.
Norah & Brad walked on the moon... and the museum emailed us a picture.
Norah made lots of friends while walking around.
She is our social butterfly & now, our little scientist!

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  1. What a fun day! That is a great museum, & if you ever get adventures... The childrens museum in the city is fantastic too...and the aquarium. Basically Baltimore has a lot of fun things to offer for wee ones! Norah looks always! I'm not surprised that she is a crowd pleaser! Hugs!