Saturday, July 6, 2013

a birthday celebration **5.25.13**

My oh my I am so far behind on my blog.
Hopefully I can catch up soon.  There has been so much going on in our lives, but I don't skip a beat {ok... maybe just one, but no more}.

With Brad being away for Norah's birthday, we decided to throw her big party the weekend after his return.  
I wanted an outdoor party so the kids could play on the playground.  
It was a BEAUTIFUL day, but boy was it WINDY!  
Most of the decorations didn't make it up...
...the ones that did were chased after through the wind.  
There was pink and aqua everywhere!

There were a lot of trips to make and this lady forgot her camera.
Norah's sweet daddy ran back to the house to get it.
He knew how important this day was to me & to document it for Norah.
Turns out the memory card was still in my computer from the night before.
I couldn't dare ask Brad to run back to the house another time, so I did without.
Thank you to our dear friend Randi for capturing some of the best moments & to all who came out to celebrate Norah's big day with her!

After covering Daddy in cake we said goodbye to our sweet friends & headed home to open presents.  Norah loved them ALL!

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