Tuesday, June 11, 2013

daddy comes home **05/17/13**

After being in Florida for 5 weeks for training, Brad was scheduled to come home on May 20th.
Luckily, they were ahead of schedule & pushed through to change that date to May 17th which bought us an extra weekend!  

Woo hoo!

He was due to land in DC at 10pm.  
Norah wasn't going to see her daddy until the morning.
I had all intentions of waiting up as long as necessary to greet Brad at the door...
...besides, he didn't have his keys, so somebody was going to have to let him into the house. ;)

I received notice that they were able to catch an earlier flight home...
...I was on pins and needles all night.  
Expecting him to walk through the door at 6pm, I was a little antsy when 6 came and went and the minutes kept passing.  
I knew he had landed and was on the ground, but 5 weeks is a long time for our princess to be away from her daddy.  
I wanted her to see him before she went to bed.
  8pm rolled around & I was seconds from taking Norah upstairs when Brad appeared in the doorway.
Norah was crawling around the floor with a sand bucket on her head, but when I took it off she was so confused to see her Daddy standing there.
She had seen him on a computer screen for over a month.
I don't think she fully understood, but it didn't take her long to get back into the pre-training swing of things.

Brad missed his princess so much.
It was very obvious that this trip was weighing on his heart.
The older Norah gets the harder it is for him to leave her.
It has been wonderful having him home again!!

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