Tuesday, May 14, 2013

visitors *4/13/13*

It was so wonderful to have my family down from Pennsylvania for the weekend of Norah's birthday.
Between cake & gifts, we spent some time playing at the park, eating Rita's {Norah's first Rita's experience... it was a big hit}, and catching up on life in PA.
I miss my family a lot.
I am so grateful to only be 4 1/2 hours from them.
That 4 1/2 hours was a much easier trip coming from Vermont & not having to deal with DC & Baltimore traffic...
...and even easier with a dog or two than it is with a one year old.
Don't get me wrong... Norah is great in the car {with the exception of one trip to PA}.  It's my nerves of city driving and my lack of trust for other drivers that terrifies me.
It's ok... you can call me an over-protective Mama!  I won't deny it!
So, when my brothers and family decided to make the trip down, I was beyond thrilled!
It was WONDERFUL to have my brother, Justin, down for the weekend, too.
He always vowed never to return to Vermont after my family left years ago, so a visit from him was well past due!  I hope for many more in the future!

I don't know how Pam dodged the camera all weekend!!  But, I assure you she was there. :)

This was Norah's first time on the swings!  She LOVED it & loved having her Uncle Justin push her!
But, it wasn't long before she was out for a nap.  It made me wish they made electronic swings for her size!  I guess we'll just have to start going to the park more often!

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