Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Year *4/12/13*

I can't believe it... where did the year go??  It feels like we were living in Florida just a short time ago, awaiting the arrival of our first baby & here we are... one year later with a beautiful toddler who has the sweetest personality and a belly full of laughter.  She brings a smile to my face & fills my heart with so much love every day!!  I couldn't imagine life without our sweet little Miss Norah.  We waited a long time to grow our family & now it is all flying by so fast!  She is learning so much with each passing day... how does one keep up??  I fear for the day my little snuggle bug doesn't reach for my hugs & squeezes or no longer needs me to hold her hand or give her a boost on the newest adventures she faces {even the smallest ones like climbing onto the couch or climbing the stairs}.  She will be an independent young lady some day.  She is already so brave and adventurous.  I want to hold onto every ounce of baby that is still in her little body.

Our sweet little lady one year ago:

And today:

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