Sunday, May 5, 2013

it's a party *4/12/13*

With Brad being away for Norah's birthday, my brothers & family came down from PA for a small party to celebrate year 1!  As I said before, we made sure Brad didn't miss a moment.  He was there to sing Happy Birthday, share her carrot cake cupcake, & open her gifts.  I could tell it was hard on Brad to be over 700 miles away, but I couldn't be more grateful for technology these days.  I say it over and over again; I could never have been a Navy wife before Skype was invented.  I don't know how the previous generations did it!    But, because we are beyond blessed to be a tech-savvy world, we set up the laptop in front of Norah & she shared every moment of her birthday party with her Daddy!

Norah received the best gifts for her birthday!  She just loved the talking Cookie Monster!  She walks around with the cookies in her mouth every day.  She's our little Cookie Monster.  She gets that from her Mommy!  And we have our own E*Trade baby!  She was typing away on her little pink laptop from the second she opened it.  She kept talking to the monitor, yelling "DA... DA... DA."  She knows the computer is for seeing Daddy!!  It's her favorite part of the day.  We talked about taping a picture of Daddy to it so she could talk to him whenever she wanted.  She sure misses him!!
Norah had a wonderful birthday & I'm so grateful that my family was able to celebrate with her!  She is so loved!!

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