Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annapolis *5/4/13*

Omah came to visit while Brad was in training in Florida.
She's always such a big help when Brad is gone.
We love taking a day to go to Annapolis on almost every visit and this trip was no exception
... there are so many little boutiques in downtown that we just love!
After a day of shopping we stopped to take some pictures in front of the capital building.
It was such a beautiful day!!

Norah was afraid of putting her right leg down on the grass.  I double and triple checked that there wasn't anything prickly under her.  She has never had any issues with the grass before... I'm not sure why today was different, but it sure was funny watching her sit with one leg up.

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  1. It is one of the favorite things about my trip! I love Annapolis with Kalen! We can find all the best shops and restaurants to visit. I think Norah loves it as much as we do. It was a fun day and look forward to the next time.

    Love, Mom