Sunday, April 28, 2013

an early birthday *4/7/13*

Norah turned 1 four days after Brad left for training.
This wasn't an easy trip for him to make.  The older she gets, the harder it becomes for Brad to say goodbye & even more difficult to miss her first birthday, but we made sure that he wasn't going to miss a beat.
Norah celebrated her first birthday the Sunday prior with Daddy by her side.

We made her a very simple vanilla cake with pink vanilla frosting {I never claimed to be a cake decorator, but I did the best I could for our little girl}.  

I really thought she would do more damage.  Half of the frosting on her face came from Mommy & Daddy doing the smashing!  It was definitely sugar shock for her.  I'm sure she'll grow into her sweet tooth at some point.

I am thrilled we were able to have this little celebration with Daddy.  He wouldn't miss his little girl's big moments for the world!  She adores him & he just melts over her!  A true Daddy's girl she is!

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