Sunday, April 28, 2013

an early birthday *4/7/13*

Norah turned 1 four days after Brad left for training.
This wasn't an easy trip for him to make.  The older she gets, the harder it becomes for Brad to say goodbye & even more difficult to miss her first birthday, but we made sure that he wasn't going to miss a beat.
Norah celebrated her first birthday the Sunday prior with Daddy by her side.

We made her a very simple vanilla cake with pink vanilla frosting {I never claimed to be a cake decorator, but I did the best I could for our little girl}.  

I really thought she would do more damage.  Half of the frosting on her face came from Mommy & Daddy doing the smashing!  It was definitely sugar shock for her.  I'm sure she'll grow into her sweet tooth at some point.

I am thrilled we were able to have this little celebration with Daddy.  He wouldn't miss his little girl's big moments for the world!  She adores him & he just melts over her!  A true Daddy's girl she is!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Norah is exploring through the house every day.  
She loves to rummage through the cupboards, pulling out anything she can get her little hands on.
She will climb completely inside in search of hidden treasures.
Her new favorite activity is climbing the stairs.  She's a pro at it.  Her first attempt was a success & she never wants to stop climbing.  She will be climbing mountains in no time!

This was our last day with Damon.  It was one of the hardest days of our life.
Our house doesn't feel like home without him.
I miss hearing the floor creek when he jumps off the bed, his barking when somebody comes to the door,
his snuggles at night.  This was a day we could have never ever prepared for.
He was such a great companion for 8 years & we are missing such a big piece of our family now.


Just some every day shots of Lil' Miss Norah...
She loves to walk around in circles with my office chair, snuggles with the super soft sheep rug her Uncle Craig got her, & finger foods!  She's just getting bigger with each passing day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter Sunday *3/31/13*

Easter Sunday snuck up on us quick.  We had been so busy getting things together for Brad's departure, but we managed to make a special day of it for Norah.  We woke up early on Sunday & went to church {which is against the norm for us... we usually don't go to the morning mass}.  Norah spent the time flirting with the little boy sitting in the pew in front of us as we reflected on our blessings.

When we returned home from mass, Norah was greeted with her gifts from the Easter Bunny.
She wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but she was overly excited by the puffs & snack holders!
Puffs are always a hit with Norah!
She loved pulling all of the Easter "grass" out of the bottom of her basket & scattering it all over the living room floor & loved to see that the Easter Bunny brought a card & gifts all of the way from Phoenix, AZ!  
Thanks, Omah & Opah!!

Easter marked one of the first times that Norah stood unassisted.  I'm glad I was able to capture it!
Seriously, she'll do anything for puffs!  I had to send Brad out to Lowe's that night for supplies to build a baby gate before he left on his work endeavor.  While he was out Norah took her very two first unassisted steps towards me.  It broke my heart that he missed it all for a trip to Lowe's, but we were thrilled that she showed off her walking skills for her Daddy before he left.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

tubby time *03.17.13*

Norah loves her tubby time.  The more mobile she gets, the more she tries to climb out of the tub, the more water she gets all over me & the bathroom, & the shorter her tubbies get, though.  But, that doesn't change her love for the water!!