Thursday, March 28, 2013

11 months

Norah turned 11 months old on March 12th.  In a few short weeks our baby will be 1!!
Can you believe it??  I know I can't!  Our lovely friends just had a baby this past week!  He's beautiful & oh-so-perfect!  He was 1 pound and 1 inch bigger than Norah when she was born... I don't remember her being so small and so fragile!  She's our little hurricane now & always on the move.  I will admit I miss those days, but I just adore Norah's happy-go-lucky personality {mixed with a little sass} now!  I wouldn't trade it for the world!  She is so much fun and spends most of her day laughing, whether it be at us or at herself.  It's my favorite sound in the whole world.  She may be growing far too fast, but she will always be our little princess no matter how big she gets!
The dress she wore on her  11 month birthday was my niece, Bryn's.  My mom bought it for her when she was born & my sister-in-law, Pam passed it on to Norah at her baby shower.  I cried... A LOT!  The card that came with it was so sweet & it made me miss my mom that much more in the moment of becoming a mom myself.  When Bryn was a couple of months old, Pam & Jason had her picture taken next to a stuffed bear.  There were so many of those bears... they were used as a fundraiser to help pay for my mom's medical bills.  We still have three of them, but sadly they are all packed away in a tote in the bottom of the storage pile.  I promised Pam I would try to take a similar picture of Norah, but I wanted to get her in the dress before it didn't fit her at all.  Instead, I used my mom's old teddy bear in some of the pictures.



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  1. so so so darling. Love the vintage dress & those sweet blue eyes. I just know she will be so glad you took these monthly photos when she is all grown up! your a fabulous momma!