Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 months

It's inevitable... she's going to grow, & Grow, & Grow! 
I love my little pumpkin.  I cry frequently when I sit up at night with Norah soothing her back to sleep.  She has gotten so, so big!  It amazes me every day how much babies grow in just 10 short months!  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she will be a year old in only two months!  I don't take a single moment for granted.  I wish every second, good & bad, would take the slow, scenic route through life.  Her personality continues to grow every day, too!  She just gets happier {as if that was even possible}.  She has a cold right now... she's still all smiles!  I love her smiles!  Norah loves to be heard {she gets that from me}.  She's a snuggle bug {she gets that from her daddy}.  She's very independent {Brad says she gets that from me, too}.  She is so happy to have her own time with her toys, often times ignoring us when we're playing on the floor with her.  She enjoys playing in her crib after waking up from her naps & LOVES her tubby time even more-so now that she's out of her baby tub.  She loves to "sing" in church, mostly during the most quiet moments.  The acoustics really carry her voice for all to hear.  We have moved to the baby room for most of the service & yet everyone can still hear her behind closed doors.  It's impossible to get upset over something so cute!  We adore our little girl who isn't quite as little anymore.  


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  1. Omg she is adorable n getting so big yes time goes so fast ecspecialy the baby years Ialso cry staring at my kids ecspeaialy the baby (since is my last) it goes so quick I also am trying to savor each moment!!...pretty pretty princess she is!!!...bless her n ur family!