Thursday, January 24, 2013


Norah loves the remote.  Well, let's be honest... she loves anything electronic.  She plays with the blu-ray player all of the time... turning it on, opening and closing the DVD slot, turning it off... repeat.  Brad bought me a new TV stand for Christmas that put the electronics higher & out of reach.  Well, a week after Christmas she was pulling herself up hitting all of the buttons.  Money well spent {add lots of sarcasm there}.  Taking pictures of her has become challenging with her always going after my camera & the girl is FAST!  I can barely get a shot of her before she's in my lap, pulling at the camera strap.  If she could eat my cell phone, I'm pretty sure it would be gone by now.  My email alerts have a strange sound these days, most likely from slobber damage.  And as far as my printer is concerned... she climbs on top of it at least 10 times a day. Breaking her of these habits is challenging.  She knows she shouldn't be doing it, but as a 9 month old, she just can't help herself.  I'm pretty sure they're all calling her name.  And the remote... oh the remote.  It has had better days.


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