Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas time

We had a wonderful Christmas season!
We were blessed to have Brad's parents join us for a few weeks to celebrate Norah's first Christmas.
We took a trip to Baltimore to see {or in my case meet} Brad's great aunt & cousins.  His cousins had just adopted the most beautiful little girls from Ethiopia & we were treated to dinner at a local Ethiopian restaurant.  It was a new experience for us!  And we cannot wait to visit with Brian & Zoe again!  It's nice to know that there is family close by!

Southern Maryland has a few places which are all decked out for the holiday.  Our friends, Aubrey & Kim, invited us out to see the sites of one farm.  We bundled Norah up in her PJs & tried to keep her toasty.  The farmhouse had the most beautiful light show that went along with the Christmas music on our car radio & Norah loved watching the farm animals. 

A few nights before Christmas we ventured out to Solomon's Island with Brad's parents to the Garden of Lights.  It was a nice walk & really helped us to get into the Christmas season.  It seemed to sneak up on us with Brad being gone right up until a week before Christmas day.  There's nothing like sipping hot cocoa while enjoying the company of family!

On Christmas Eve we put on our Christmas outfits & headed out to church.  Norah slept in Opah's arms for most of it!  It was great bonding time for them!!  When we got home, we took a few pictures, Daddy read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... the version he remembered being read as a kid.  My mom had a copy of that book & when my brother & sister-in-law found out it was Brad's favorite version, they were happy to pass it on to him.  Santa brought us all our Christmas PJs while we were at church, so we all got comfy & tucked Norah into bed to dream sweet dreams before Santa's arrival!


Christmas morning was everything I expected it to be and then some!  Norah woke up at her usual time of 7am & we all headed downstairs to see if Santa had come!  She was so excited by all of the presents under the tree & kept looking at Daddy to try to make sense of all of it.  Norah loved all of the bows & opened two or three gifts on her own before we had to take over the paper tearing.  There were lots of new toys to add to her toy box & tubby time toys.  She loved her crawl along snail & xylophone.  Raggedy Ann was a huge hit, too!  Mommy's favorite gift for Norah was her new high chair from Santa!  Bye bye Bumbo!  Hello big girl chair!!   

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful & safe New Year!

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