Thursday, December 26, 2013


We finally got around to decorating the tree on the 14th.  All of the glass & "valuable" ornaments went towards the top & the bottom was decorated with all of the unbreakables.
Norah was too cute when trying to hang ornaments.  She would lay them on the branch expecting them to stay.  She couldn't quite grasp why they kept falling on the ground, so Brad and I would pick them up and help her hook them on the tree.
She loved helping!  She was quick to hand Brad ornaments.  I think we made record time decorating this year!

This is one of the victims of the fall from the bottom branches.


Norah loves the tree!
Decorating and undecorating all day long!
We had the lights up for a few days before having a chance to put the ornaments up.
She loves the lights {especially the bubble lights}!
I'm going to be sad to take the tree down in a week or so.  I think it is going to shake her little world when everything goes back to normal.


While Brad was at work, Norah and I decided to make cookies... and eat cookies!!
I am pretty sure I have gained half of my pregnancy weight back since Thanksgiving!
It has all been delicious & I can worry about losing weight after the holidays!
You only live once, right?!

I actually do not prefer making sugar cookies... Roll, cut... roll, cut.  I always feel like the dough never ends.  But, I have all of these pretty cookie cutters & it's not Christmas without sugar cookies!
This batch went a little quicker than past batches & was way more entertaining with Norah's company.

Norah had fun watching me make the cookies... she did help decorate a little, but the real fun was had when she could finally eat one or two!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Christmas season is a week shorter than most years since Thanksgiving was so late.
I say "BOO" to that!!
I was so excited to go cut a tree this year since last year we ended up buying a pre-cut tree.  We should have learned our lesson from last year and tagged a tree, but we were spoiled in Vermont... we had hundreds of trees to choose from each year.  We never think tagging a tree is necessary.
We tried a different farm this year hoping to have better luck, but most of their trees were under 6 feet.  So, we found ourselves back at the same farm we went to last year.
I had heard from different people that they had good luck finding a tall tree there, but we didn't have the same luck.  If a tree was tall, it was bare.  If it was beautiful, it was 3 feet tall.  So, we decided to just pick one off of the pre-cut tree rack.
At least Norah got to run around the trees & get the "cut your own tree" experience {even if somebody else cut the tree for us}. :)
We had a great time!!

It was a busy day!
After spending the morning at gymnastics & hunting for a tree we had Brad's command kid's Christmas party to attend.
We were late, but made it just in time for Santa!
Norah's reaction to Santa wasn't as great as last year!  She's uninterested this year.
She's not terrified of him... which is a good thing, but she is definitely uncomfortable sitting on a stranger's lap.
Santa brought her a play doh set & the book Olive, the Other Reindeer!  She was obsessed.  She wouldn't let go of either gift.
Santa did good!
The party was a big hit.  They had a bubble wrap floor that Norah loved to run across (even though she barely weighed enough to pop any of the bubbles, so Brad helped by running along side of her).  They had cookies on all of the tables for the kids to decorate & big bouncy houses (that were far too big for Norah, but a big hit with the other kiddos).
It was nice to have Brad home this year to go with us.

Friday, December 20, 2013

12.06.13 **St. Nick's Day**

Tis the season for wrapping paper and bows!
I love Christmas time!
I love the decorations, seeing the smiles on everyones faces as they open gifts, spending time with family, all of the parties, and most of all traditions.
My family has a lot of traditions & it seems as if we start more each year.
This year it's the Elf on the Shelf!
Bing made an appearance in one of our family's oldest tradition of celebrating St. Nick's Day.
We put out our wooden shoes & waited for Old St. Nick to make his appearance.  Bing came back from the North Pole and landed right in Brad's shoe.

Each year St. Nick brings each of us a pomegranate, a clementine, chocolate oranges {MY FAVORITE}, an ornament for the tree, & a small gift for each of us.
Norah's ornament was El Chupacabra from Planes.  Very fitting since it was the first movie she saw in the theaters.
Brad & I got a sweet little Santa ornament from Williamsburg.
Norah broke the propeller off of El Chupacabra within 10 minutes of receiving him.  Oh well, we hung it on the tree anyway. :)

Norah is getting really good at opening her gifts!  This Christmas is going to be a lot of fun & I'm going to soak up every second of it!!  St. Nick brought her a tea set for the bath tub.  She can't get enough of it!
I know this is going to be a special Christmas for her & I can't wait to see her face light up when she comes down the stairs on Christmas morning!
St. Nick's Day is a great preview of the big day!!


Brad's parents were here for a week before returning to Arizona.
We had a wonderful visit with them.
Norah was used to seeing them when she came down the stairs in the morning & waving good night each night.  She still waves... Sometimes to Bing, her elf, and other times I think she just does it just to be sure she didn't miss anyone!
It was really hard to watch Omah & Opah leave.
Norah misses them & points to the pictures of them & says "SEE!"
Hopefully there will be a visit again soon!
Thanksgiving was too short!

After Omah & Opah left we started pulling out the Christmas decorations!
I have been collecting nutcrackers since I was teeny tiny.  My mom used to get me one every year for Christmas.  My brother continued the tradition for a few years.
I have a TON!
I actually ran out of room for them this year & Norah fell in love with my Nutcracker themed nutcracker!
She carried it around like a doll all day!
I finally put it up high when she wasn't looking so she wouldn't break it.
Watch out, they may all be yours someday, Norah! ;)


When Brad's parents were here visiting we packed the days after Thanksgiving with lots of fun activities.
After Norah got lots of snuggles and story time in, of course!

When we lived in Pensacola, Brad and I used to go to the Air Museum on base quite a bit.
We have one here, too... not nearly as elaborate, but we have wanted to see what it had to offer for the past year and a half.
So, we checked it out.
The guys had fun playing with the planes & Brad showed us how he spends his days crammed inside the aircrafts.

When they kicked us out to lock the doors of the museum, we still had an hour to kill before church, so we decided to let Norah burn some energy on the playground.  I'm not sure who had more fun!  Even Omah was caught playing!

We headed to church & then off to dinner!
And before calling it a night we headed down to Flat Iron Farm to walk around and see the Christmas lights.  
We went with our dear friends last year & just loved it.  Norah was still so young to enjoy the farm animals.  She loved them this year!
And I love how they make the Christmas lights on the farm houses go with the Christmas music on the radio!  It's a fun activity to get into the Christmas spirit {not that I ever need help getting into Christmas}!

We had a fun & adventurous day!
I love Christmas & time spent with my in-laws!
Their trip was too short!