Saturday, December 1, 2012


I know I've said it before... my family has A LOT of traditions!  Thanksgiving was my mom's favorite holiday.  We woke up every Thanksgiving morning to the Macy's Day Parade, blueberry muffins, & she made the same delicious meal every year while listening to Alice's Restaurant!  I LOVE traditions & I'm even more excited this year to start passing the same traditions on to my daughter!  So, on Thanksgiving morning, we woke up & enjoyed the parade together!  We watched the Rockettes, Santa, & she particularly loved all of the musical acts.  I made my mom's potato & bread stuffings & shared all of the fun times with our little lady!

Since joining the Navy, our newest tradition seems to be sharing the meal with good friends.  It has been difficult to spend the holiday with family since we're all so far away, so we make sure we are able to be with good company!  We're so thankful to have such great friends no matter where we find ourselves!

Norah had her favorites, sweet potatoes & butternut squash.  She tried turkey for the first time {her first taste of meat}.  As a vegetarian, it broke my heart, but after watching her spit it all over daddy, I couldn't have been more proud! :)  We had a wonderful day & enjoyed being able to have leftovers with our friends the following night.  Nothing beats Thanksgiving leftovers! :)

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