Saturday, December 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 {a little behind}

I know I'm over a month late on getting Norah's Halloween pictures posted, but things have been a little crazy around here for the month of November.  As per usual, I am playing catch-up while Norah naps.

Brad spent the month of October in Alaska and California {I'm hoping to snag the pictures off of his laptop to share... Alaska looked beautiful}!  He was scheduled to arrive on base the night before Halloween, but after sitting on base for over an hour awaiting his arrival, it turned out his flight landed in VA instead.  We were lucky he was able to fly to the east coast at all being that Hurricane Sandy hit just the day before.  We were sure he was going to have to stay in California for a few extra days due to the high wind, but he arrived at home in the wee hours of the morning on Halloween after a long drive from Virginia!  It was wonderful getting to spend October with my mother-in-law, but boy did Norah and I miss Brad while he was gone.  We stayed busy & I procrastinated for the entire month of October, but was able to whip Norah's costume together the night before Brad came home.  I loved making her costume!  It reminded me of the year I was Little Red Riding Hood when I was a kid!  She made the cutest Little Red Riding Hood ever, but the costume lasted about as long as the picture taking & then she was ready to have the overwhelming tutu off {I'll admit, I went a little crazy with the tulle, but it was way too much fun.  I couldn't stop).

'Twas the Night Before Christmas was always a big deal in my house growing up.  I-kid-you-not when I tell you all of us kids inherited at least 5 'Twas the Night Before Christmas books from my mom and our collection has grown even more over the years between the Irish Night Before Christmas, A Police Officers Night Before Christmas, etc., etc.  So, when my MIL and I were out shopping one day & I came across The Night Before Halloween it was a must have!  I read it to Norah before putting her down to bed & I am so excited to have this new tradition!

We handed out candy for the first year EVER!  Turns out not a lot of people Trick-or-Treat in the woods of Vermont.  Lesson learned, 3 HUGE bags of candy will not cut it for next year.  We had to turn our light out about an hour before the Trick-or-Treaters were supposed to stop.  We really enjoyed seeing all of our neighbors dressed up walking around with their kiddos!  Norah laughed and snuggled with Daddy the entire time!  She missed his snuggles!

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