Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 months

Norah turned 8 months old on December 12th.  November was such a busy time for us!  Norah is growing so much!  Brad was gone for a good portion of the month & she is quickly learning that he isn't around.  She loved to see him on Skype.  Her face just lit up whenever she saw her Daddy.
   Norah had her first taste of turkey on Thanksgiving, which she quickly spit all over her Daddy.  That's my girl. :)  Although I'm a vegetarian, we have decided that it is best for Norah to be raised receiving all of the important nutrients, but if someday she decides she doesn't want to eat meat, that is a choice she can make.  Just as my parents did for me, I will not make that decision for her.  
Norah seemed to really enjoy the Christmas season.  She loved the lights & the tree.  Not a day went by that she didn't grab for the bubble lights on the tree & she just adored Santa when we went to visit him at the Annapolis Mall.  Her second visit with Santa on base wasn't quite as exciting for her, but two days following the Christmas party we experienced her first stomach bug & fevers.  I was one terrified mommy caring for her on my own, but luckily Brad was a quick phone call away to help me through it.  Norah is a true snuggle bug when she's sick.  
She has graduated to her crib, which was a big step for me... probably bigger for me than her.  She transitioned so easily.  I was the one having separation anxiety.  
Norah has experienced so much in the past month!  It's so hard to believe she is only 4 months away from her birthday!  This momma better start planning!

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  1. Norah is so beautiful and her personality really comes out in the photos. Love that you showcase her monthly growth. :-)

    Missing Norah's beautiful smiles..