Saturday, October 6, 2012


Back on September 8th {yes, I'm that far behind on posts}, Norah had her first taste of rice cereal.  Initially she was excited and all smiles, but it's not uncommon when we put her in her Bumbo seat to get fits of laughter and joy.  She loves being strong enough to sit up straight... but, after the first spoonful of cereal, her smiles seemed to turn into looks of disgust.  She prefers her bottle, and I prefer the simplicity and cleanliness of the bottle, but she seems to be getting the hang of spoon feeding as time goes by.  We have been in no rush to push solids on her since introducing them, but I really wanted Brad to be home to experience her first spoon feeding, so we started a little early.  Since the arsenic scare was announced in the news, we have switched to oatmeal... a much bigger hit to her pallet.  Still messy, but after fighting for her attention for the first couple spoonfuls, she really gets the hang of it and seems to love oatmeal more and more each day.


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