Tuesday, September 18, 2012

red sox

There is still SOOOO much for me to catch up on.  I need more hours in my day.  Anybody have some they would like to lend me??  Back in August {yes, a little over a month ago}, when my brother & his family came to visit, we decided to spend a day in Baltimore.  The purpose of the trip was really to see the Red Sox play at Camden Yards, so we spent the entire day at the Inner Harbor.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  We went to the baseball museum {Jason & Dylan were in their element}, we enjoyed lunch by the water, Rita's for dessert, and simply enjoyed each others company until it was time to head into the stadium.  I had never been to Camden Yards.  It is a beautiful stadium... not quite Fenway, but beautiful nonetheless.

Norah was quite the trooper through it all.  There was a bit where she slept through the game, but she had been going all day & it was past her bedtime.  She slept through all of the cheering & clapping & I didn't even hear much of a fuss from her.  She was happy to be at her first Red Sox game, I guess.  We all got dressed up in our favorite Red Sox gear {everyone except Brad, anyway}... Norah got so many oohs and awws.  She was the cutest baby girl in the stadium!

The Red Sox season is over this year, but we're already planning a trip to see them play in DC against the Nationals next season.  It will be an annual event as long as we're on the east coast.

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