Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

red sox

There is still SOOOO much for me to catch up on.  I need more hours in my day.  Anybody have some they would like to lend me??  Back in August {yes, a little over a month ago}, when my brother & his family came to visit, we decided to spend a day in Baltimore.  The purpose of the trip was really to see the Red Sox play at Camden Yards, so we spent the entire day at the Inner Harbor.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  We went to the baseball museum {Jason & Dylan were in their element}, we enjoyed lunch by the water, Rita's for dessert, and simply enjoyed each others company until it was time to head into the stadium.  I had never been to Camden Yards.  It is a beautiful stadium... not quite Fenway, but beautiful nonetheless.

Norah was quite the trooper through it all.  There was a bit where she slept through the game, but she had been going all day & it was past her bedtime.  She slept through all of the cheering & clapping & I didn't even hear much of a fuss from her.  She was happy to be at her first Red Sox game, I guess.  We all got dressed up in our favorite Red Sox gear {everyone except Brad, anyway}... Norah got so many oohs and awws.  She was the cutest baby girl in the stadium!

The Red Sox season is over this year, but we're already planning a trip to see them play in DC against the Nationals next season.  It will be an annual event as long as we're on the east coast.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I am so far behind on blog posts... I don't know where I'll find the time to catch up, but I will take it one step at a time, I guess.  I almost lost all of these pictures when I accidentally deleted my entire "Pictures" folder last week.  After a bit of panic, lots of tears, searching my entire computer, and walking away for 24 hours, it turns out they were in my recycle bin the entire time.  I don't know how I missed that the first 200 times I checked in there.  But, they were retrieved and I am a happy girl!


In August, we were very blessed to have my brother & his family stay with us for a few days.  We haven't had a vacation with them since this trip in July 2010 in Vermont & we sure have missed them {look how much those kiddos have grown in 2 years}!  Their 5 day visit was far overdue!  We spent a lot of time relaxing, catching up, and allowing everyone to love on Norah... and she just melts over all of them!  She loves my brother's voice & faces, Pam's snuggles, Bryn's kisses, and she just love, love, LOVES Dylan!!  And, I must admit, I have never seen an 11 year old so naturally good with a baby before!  He's going to be a great daddy someday, but in the meantime {and no rush, by any means, with the daddy card} he is an amazing cousin to Norah!!

During their visit we searched for a beach... turns out the majority of the beaches around here are private.  So, after an afternoon of driving around Sullivan's Island, we landed at the pool in our development.  It turned out to be perfect.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were able to enjoy some swimming!

I can't tell you how much I love this picture of the cousins!!!  It is definitely getting hung somewhere in my house {and that's a pretty big deal in my house... I don't have many pictures hanging up anywhere other than artwork... that is going to change}.

I am missing them all terribly!  I miss playing Cooties with Bryn, having them around our dining room table catching up on life, all of the extra kisses and hugs for Norah {I love knowing she is so loved & watching her showered with it}, learning all of the newest and coolest trends from Dylan, and having my brother & 'sister' nearby.  We have become so close over the years & I love knowing we live much closer & can have these weekends more often.

I love this picture... blurriness & all!  Norah is awed by her Uncle Jason!  She always turns towards his voice, giggles at his faces & loves his snuggles!  He's such a fun uncle!

We had more adventures during their stay... stay tuned for the next post {if I ever get the pictures off of my camera}.  We had a blast!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Yesterday we said our final "goodbye" to my Grandad, well, for a while, anyway.
We all knew this day would come... it will come for all of us, but you can never EVER prepare yourself for the moment you have to say "goodbye."
I was so so blessed to be able to go see him last weekend & so glad I called him in the hospital and heard one last "I love you" before he was unresponsive.  My grandparents are oh-so-near & dear to me!  My mom started a very strong relationship between us when we were kids... she made sure we visited frequently with my Grandad (my dad's dad) even after my parent's divorce & my love for him has grown so strong over the years.

I admire him.  He worked hard his entire life & he had so many stories to share.  He was a postman for 36 years, delivering mail by foot.  He was a handy man... he rebuilt his Ford with his own two hands {a project he worked on my entire life... it was his baby}.  Grandad was a man of few, if any, complaints... quite admirable & a life lesson I should take from him!

When we were in San Diego last summer, I used to call home frequently.  I always worried about Grandad's health & what we would do if we couldn't make it home to see him {a conversation I would have with my sister-in-law often}.  The flight was expensive & time isn't always on our side.  I strongly believe, & am so blessed, that God brought us to Maryland during this time.  We are only a few hours from my home town & I had the opportunity to make it in to be with him before he passed.  God had a plan!

My sister-in-law took these pictures of the originals with her phone... they're blurry, but I just love them!  I really think my Grandad was my first Prince Charming!  That love that a little girl has for her daddy, I had the same love for my Grandad... and it never died out.

This picture was taken at my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party!  I have never seen two people love each other as much as my Nana & Grandad loved each other!  I learned so much about what true love really is just by watching them!  When my Nana passed 12 years ago, Grandad's world was never the same.  You could tell that he just wasn't complete without my Nana by his side.  I mean, how cute are they?!?

I am so so grateful that Grandad got to meet Norah!  He is oh-so-proud of his family & lights up with every new addition to it.  I know Norah will never remember the day she got to meet her Great Grandad, but it's a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life!  It meant the world to me & I know it was a special moment for him, too!  I will have many stories to tell her when she gets older of her Great grandparents!

The ceremony was so special yesterday.  The grand kids compiled a eulogy that brought tears to our eyes & filled our hearts with so much love.  It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to somebody I have loved as much as my Grandad.  I know he was with each and every one of us yesterday... as we were leaving the grave site, I took one last look & saw two dragonflies flying over the tent above his casket.  He is with my Nana again & they are both looking down on us from heaven.  It was exactly the sign I needed to set my heart at peace {read the significance of the dragonfly here}.  I will miss him every day that follows!  Nobody will ever be able to fill the shoes of my Grandad.  He is one of a kind!