Sunday, August 5, 2012


Norah's new personality has really been shining through lately.
She loves to laugh. smile. and "talk"... a lot!!
Brad and I are loving this stage. 
She has been more aware of her surroundings & using her motor skills to grab and kick at things around her.  And her favorite pastime lately has been gnawing on her hands.  Most often you will find her fist in her mouth.  She prefers it over the paci, but will still accept that when offered.  Sometimes we'll catch her chewing on her bib & dress.  She's such a character!

{tubby time is her FAVORITE}

I was wrapping my friend's birthday present when Norah decided she wanted to play with the tissue paper & grabbed it right out of my layered pile.  She sat crumpling it for over 10 minutes.  It's always the less expensive "toys" that are most entertaining!

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  1. We love the photo of Norah sitting straight up! She looks like she wants to have a conversation. Norah looks so alert and ready to get started on whatever comes her way. You can see her personality coming through on her face :-) xxxooo

    The smile in the tub is precious (melt my heart) xxxooo