Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last post today... I promise! :)
This is what happens when I never get a chance to sit down to blog!!  I find a million pictures on my camera that need to be documented immediately! :)

We received an oh-so-sweet package in the mail the other day with the most beautiful outfits from Omah & Opah!  I promised to take pictures of Norah in one of her new dresses!


Norah is getting stronger by the second.  She spends so much time holding her head up & enjoys a little more tummy time than before.  It's so much fun to be able to play with Norah & watch her try to crawl and roll over.  It amazes me how big she gets overnight.  Where is my baby girl going??

 {Daddy & Norah outside of church}

Thank you, Omah & Opah!!

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  1. Norah looks beautiful in her new dress! Norah is growing so fast and looking more and more like her dad and mom. She is a beautiful girl and the picture of Norah with her dad is fantastic! I love seeing the photos and maybe we could see one with Norah and her mom..