Sunday, August 19, 2012

4 months

Norah turned 4 months while my family was down visiting!  It was wonderful having them here to share the weekend with.  I have lots and lots of pictures to post from the weekend, but we'll start with Norah's 4 month "photo shoot."  She's getting so animated!  I love to watch all of her facial expressions as I'm clicking away.  It was great to have the help of Pam, Dylan, Bryn, & Damon to get her to smile and laugh.  Norah is notorious for going straight faced as soon as a camera or cell phone is in her face.  The extra distractions helped to make it a little more enjoyable for her... and let's be honest, for me, too.  I just couldn't stop click-click-clicking & even worse, I couldn't pick just one picture.



And behind the scenes... the source of all of her laughs! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


There's something about us girls that makes us truck on even when we aren't feeling 100%.
Norah is no exception to that rule.  She woke up this morning with a cough, congestion, & running a temperature.  I called her doctor, who wanted to see her since she's still so itty bitty, but I really wasn't that worried.  Don't get me wrong... it pulled at my heart strings to see that my baby wasn't her usual self, but in all honesty she was still smiling & laughing.  I knew she was going to be just fine... and she is!  Her temp has gone down... the coughing is much more mild... she's still a happy girl, blowing her bubbles!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last post today... I promise! :)
This is what happens when I never get a chance to sit down to blog!!  I find a million pictures on my camera that need to be documented immediately! :)

We received an oh-so-sweet package in the mail the other day with the most beautiful outfits from Omah & Opah!  I promised to take pictures of Norah in one of her new dresses!


Norah is getting stronger by the second.  She spends so much time holding her head up & enjoys a little more tummy time than before.  It's so much fun to be able to play with Norah & watch her try to crawl and roll over.  It amazes me how big she gets overnight.  Where is my baby girl going??

 {Daddy & Norah outside of church}

Thank you, Omah & Opah!!


Our little community has a pool.  Although we haven't been able to really take advantage of it much since we've been here, we made sure to enjoy the sunshine last weekend.
This was Norah's first time swimming & it seemed to have gone over well!  It was like one big tubby {and we know how much she loves her tubby}!!
We stayed in the shallow end and just sat in the water cooling off.  Before long Norah just fell asleep in my arms and stayed there for most of our pool time.

There's that fist in the mouth again! :)


Norah's new personality has really been shining through lately.
She loves to laugh. smile. and "talk"... a lot!!
Brad and I are loving this stage. 
She has been more aware of her surroundings & using her motor skills to grab and kick at things around her.  And her favorite pastime lately has been gnawing on her hands.  Most often you will find her fist in her mouth.  She prefers it over the paci, but will still accept that when offered.  Sometimes we'll catch her chewing on her bib & dress.  She's such a character!

{tubby time is her FAVORITE}

I was wrapping my friend's birthday present when Norah decided she wanted to play with the tissue paper & grabbed it right out of my layered pile.  She sat crumpling it for over 10 minutes.  It's always the less expensive "toys" that are most entertaining!