Friday, July 27, 2012

life as we know it

As I mentioned in my last blog, I haven't had time to go through my computer full of pictures.  As Brad pulls his motorcycle apart & Norah sleeps so peacefully, I am taking these few minutes to page through some of my favorites that I had set aside.  I know I keep saying it, but my-oh-my she has grown so much!  She's so teeny tiny in some of these pictures.  I will look at this blog in 20 years & wonder where the time has gone.  Life is far too short and flies by much too quickly!  I cherish every second I get to spend with my sweet little girl!  We have been so so blessed to have such a happy healthy baby!  I thank God everyday for her!  She fills my heart!

month 3

When I take pictures of Norah on her monthly birthday, I {snap}, {snap}, {snap} trying to get the best shot for her list of milestones.  I love looking through them {even more-so now with the handful of different looks she gives me}.  These pictures have been sitting on my computer for TOO long {especially figuring that in 2 weeks she'll be 4 months old}, but I rarely find the time to blog anymore!  I have been putting so much of my hands free time into Pumpkin Pie Design & not enough time into blogging!  But, with Norah waking up before 7am, she gives me a chance to get the chores done & to catch up online!  I was never much of a morning person, but I'm learning to enjoy this time to do all of those things that there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do.  
All of these pictures were taken on 7/12/12 & it's amazing to see how much she has changed since then!  The growing never stops!!!

Damon's always so curious during picture time.  It doesn't help that I'm usually shaking a rattle to get Norah to look my way, so of course he thinks I'm calling him to play!  He loves Norah so so much!  And to think we were nervous about bringing her home to meet Damon... silly us!  He truly is the best dog!

This last one cracked Brad and I up!  She's just too funny... making herself comfy in her chair!
Our little 3 month old is getting so big & pushing herself every day to be a little stronger and attempt new things!  She will be rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking before we know it!  I don't want to rush these moments!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

showered with love

When we lived in Florida, before Norah was born, my sister-in-law introduced the idea of having a post delivery baby shower.  Between the expense of flying to PA, Brad's work schedule, & trying to figure out how to get all of her gifts back to Florida only to have to move them to Maryland weeks later, we thought it was the best option out there, so we went with this... besides, what do I ever do the traditional way?!  I must admit, it was WONDERFUL!  I loved being able to introduce the family to Norah!  She loved all of the hugs & kisses & Brad & I loved watching her be showered with so much love!  My sister-in-law worked so hard to put this big day together for us & I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable day!

My Aunt Sharon loves to hide behind a camera... I'm pretty sure that's where I get it from.  I stole a bunch of pictures that she took that I didn't have a chance to capture while trying to keep tabs on who had my little girl.  I look awful in them {notice what humidity does to my hair?!?  I resort straight to the pony tail... Maryland has been miserable to my hair, too}...Thanks for grabbing these moments, Aunt Sharon!

This was a handmade gift from my Aunt Mona.  The prayer on it was just as it was taught to my mom, aunts and uncles by my grandfather.  Since I wasn't able to meet him, this touched a special place in my heart & makes me feel as if Norah and I carry a special piece of him with us!

These pictures are my all time favorite!  I'm so glad Norah got to meet her great grandparents this weekend!!  I will cherish these pictures forever!

The most emotional moment of the day seems to be missing from photographs {probably because I was a blubbery mess}.  When my niece Bryn was born, my mom was extremely ill.  She had passed 4 months later, but before her passing she had given Bryn a beautiful yellow dress that my sister-in-law had held onto all of these years.  After opening a card that read as if my mom had written it herself, I opened a gift with that yellow dress.  It was the most touching gift & Pam pulled at every heart string with that card!  I can't wait to put Norah in it and have her picture taken just as Bryn had when she was only a few months old!

Thank you to all of my family for such a memorable weekend!  We love & miss you all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 months

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have so much to catch up on from this weekend.  I'm really hoping to get to it tomorrow, but in the meantime I took this picture of Norah this morning with my phone.  She is loving one of her gifts that she received from her Great Aunt Lynne {let's just say MY Aunt Lynne... she's way too young to be referred to as Great... although she is pretty fabulous}.  We went back and forth for a bit trying to figure it out... a giraffe with a short neck??  a dog???  Nope, it's a horse!  It's adorable & Norah LOVES it!!!  It will be one of those items that she will carry around for years, I'm sure!  We had a great weekend & I can't wait to share those memories with all of you!  But, for the time being, this should hold you over. :)