Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have been spending so much time trying to capture these past couple of weeks of Norah's life!  It amazes me to see how big she has gotten every day as I page through the pictures.  Some day somebody will invent a way to keep them young forever... but, it probably won't happen soon enough.

Norah was only 3 weeks old when she went on her first road trip.  She was so good on the 2 day drive from Florida to Maryland.  She slept most of the way, but I was lucky enough to grab a picture of her in the short time she was awake.  She loves the car, but I felt so bad for her for having to be strapped into a car seat for 2 days for the 16+ hour drive.  I couldn't be upset when she wanted to stay awake on our overnight stop at Brad's aunt & uncle's in South Carolina.  So, as Brad tried to regain some energy, Norah and I sat up and snuggled.  She's a great snuggle bug!!

 Norah has an array of facial expressions.  I try to capture all of them, but she seems to always know when I have a camera pointing her way.  She's very stubborn (like her momma), but this last one is a variation of one of my favorites.  She glares out of the corner of her eye with a look like she's up to no good.  I saw it much more frequently when she was first born & usually much more intense than this picture shows, but I was so happy to get a part of it.

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  1. OMGosh Norah is beautiful! Love her <3 Miss her <3
    Thanks for the pictures, we need to see her beautiful face :-)
    Mom and Dad