Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love having a newborn!!  So much so that even when she's sleeping I have a hard time putting her down and freeing my hands to get things done.  The dishes get put on hold, the laundry piles up, my blog never gets updated in a timely manor, but it's ok because I cherish the moments when Norah is sound asleep and oh so peaceful in my arms.  I don't want these days to end.

As Brad is enjoying these moments that I love so much, I have finally found a second to update my blog from a week ago... my 30th birthday & mother's day weekend!  Since we are new to Maryland, there are so many places I want to go to that I haven't been to in years {or have never had an opportunity to see at all}.  Brad planned an entire day of just the three of us {which is exactly what I wanted}.  He took me to our states capitol, Annapolis!  I have never been here & I loved EVERYTHING about it!  The beautiful historic buildings, the waterfront & sailboats, & all of the mom & pop shops!  I could have spent days here & I can't wait to go back & have a chance to see more of the city!

  {at least the boats were in focus, but it's the only picture of me and Norah, so it had to be documented}

We found this little Danish shop, Wheat, to pick up a cute little hat to protect Norah from the sun.  I fell in love & if I ever win the lottery, her entire wardrobe will come from here.


To close out the day, we had dinner near the water and Brad indulged in Maryland's claim to fame, blue crab.  Messy, yes... but I'm pretty sure I wore more of the Maine lobster a few years ago when we took a trip north than I did the crab.  My one rule when he eats these things: turn them around so their beady little eyes aren't staring at me. :)

It was the perfect day & there is no other way I would have rather spent my 30th birthday/first Mom's day!!  I loved every second with my two favorite people!!  I love our little adventures!!


  1. So beautiful! <3
    The first picture of the Mary Land Inn is where I used to have my company's customer functions! The crabs look delicious and miss those! Can't wait to visit and have some! So glad you enjoyed your special day<3 It looks like Norah slept through it all. Love the pictures of Norah xxoo

  2. the envy runneth over!!!!!! crabs and a newborn?! urgh! so when can I come play? hahaha. loovveee newborn stretches and the tiny tongue:)

  3. Mom, I will have to find something to occupy my time while you and Brad indulge in crab. I was done eating for a good hour waiting on Brad and Norah was so ready to go home by that point.

    Jenni, come anytime, but if you want a newborn to play with, I recommend coming soon...she's growing FAST!