Monday, May 14, 2012

1 month

Norah celebrated 1 month of birth on my birthday.  I loved sharing the day with her!
The chair in this picture was mine as a little girl.  It has seen better days, but that goes for most of the antiques in our house.  I used to sit and watch TV in it & it's one of many cherished items that I cannot part with.  Someday Norah will be sitting tall in it, too.  In the meantime, she'll just lay on the seat enjoying the sights around her.

I have enjoyed every day of the past month.  I could have never imagined I had so much love in my heart and this little lady has stolen all of it.  Even at her worst, she brings out my best.  I love being her mom & I'm so so glad God blessed us with her!  She's perfect!

Happy one month my sweet girl!

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  1. Happy one month Norah! She is so beautiful Kalen! Love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures- you can really see her growing already, it's crazy! Give her a kiss from us!