Sunday, April 22, 2012


Norah is perfect!  She makes us such happy little parents & I just ADORE that smile.
I wasn't seeing much of her smiles until today.  She is a happy happy baby & I am a very happy mom.
If there's one thing I wish somebody would have prepared me for throughout my pregnancy, it would have been the struggles of being a breast feeding mom.  Every aspect of my pregnancy was easy peasy... No morning sickness, no swelling, very few restless nights, etc., etc.  Even her delivery seemed "easy."  But boy did this little, but very important, aspect bring out the worst in me.  I am happy to announce that Norah and I are showing progress by leaps & bounds & nothing beats these smiles that she reflects after a successful feeding.  I have had the most amazing support system & Norah is one grateful little lady because of all of you!!  Thank you!! <3

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