Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the day our world changed

I just can't believe how fast 9 months flies by.  I feel like just yesterday I was in San Diego with Brad taking a pregnancy test... and then another one (because the word "pregnant" across the digital test didn't confirm it the first time, I guess).  And after so many life changes... a move to Florida, many late nights of Brad staying up studying, graduation from AE school & a lot of planning for another move to Maryland, 9 months have come and gone.

We knew it would be any day now that we would be welcoming our sweet little lady into the world.  I prayed and prayed that she would come early so we would have plenty of time for her appointments before we were forced to move.  And our prayers were heard {6 days in advance}.

We went to dinner Wednesday night to wish our dear friend well on his deployment.  When we came home and got ready for bed, the first signs of labor were beginning to show.  Being the girl that I am, I was more interested in getting a full nights sleep than rushing to the hospital for confirmation.  I had one unsatisfied husband on my hands, but I knew this would be the last night of good sleep for MANY years to come.  When I woke up the next morning & took Damon outside, I knew it was time to head to the hospital, so I called Brad at work & off we went.

When we were pulling into the hospital, a dragonfly caught my eye.  To back track a little, I was watching The Talk this past week & they had interviewed Shannon Doherty.  When discussing her wedding she told a story about how dragonflies circled her as she walked down the isle.  She hadn't released them as part of the scenery, they just appeared.  A friend told her that it was said that dragonflies are a sign of a love one who had passed on sending their love from heaven.  In Shannon Doherty's case, this was her dad.  So, you can imgine the comfort and love I felt when I saw the dragonfly as we were pulling into the hospital.  I knew my mom was there with me every step of the way.  I was reassured of it when my first nurses name was Adonna.  I couldn't help but think "what are the odds."  The nurse rarely left my side & I was sad to see her leave at the end of her shift, but she helped me to feel my mom's presence the entire day.  Next to Brad, she was my biggest cheerleader in my room on Thursday.

We arrived at the hospital around 8:15am & after a few tests I was admitted & started on pitocin.  The longest part of the day was sitting around waiting for contractions, but once they came it was a quick journey to follow & at 8:45pm, we welcomed the new love of our lives into the world.

Meet Norah...

 {My favorite}

{They stole each others hearts from the very beginning}

 {and she stole mine}

On Saturday we were able to bring her home.  Excited and scared, we were taking the journey together.  Norah was almost too small for her car seat, but she made the cut.  She fussed at her initial introduction to the seat, but slept the entire way home.  I'm hoping the trip to Maryland will be similar.
 {poor little thing loves to attack her cheeks with her long nails}

We have been home for 2 nights and they have definitely been a challenge.  Brad's parents have been a God send at 3 in the morning when all Brad and I need is a few hours of sleep.  Tonight she has been catching a lot of zzz's as I sit here at 3am finally able to find the time to blog & falling more and more in love with her!!!


  1. Kalen! I am so happy for you and Brad! Your daughter is so beautiful. I was really touched by your dragonfly section. Wishing you guys lots of down time for naps in the coming months. :-)

  2. Yaaay! I love her name. She really is beautiful. Congratulations!