Monday, March 26, 2012

maternity shoot: {Seville Square}

I am almost through week #36 & I can't believe there is only a month to go before our little lady arrives {give or take depending on her willingness to be prompt}.
I had wanted to get professional pictures taken of this special moment, but being that the packages ranged anywhere from $400-$700, I could think of many other things that would be more beneficial to the baby & to us than professional pictures..., I hired my hubby to take them!!!  And all it cost was an entire day of driving around Pensacola & some site seeing! :)  And let me just tell you, he's AMAZING!!!  I am so happy we made the decision to do this ourselves because I know I would have never been nearly as comfortable with a professional photographer as I was with him.

So, I handed the camera over to Brad {which never happens} and off we went...
...Our first stop:  Seville Square!!

This is by far my favorite part of Pensacola.  There's so much history down in this little section & some beautiful buildings!

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  1. Very nice and clever with the baby clothes. I really like these as well and so natural.