Monday, March 26, 2012

maternity shoot: {NAS Pensacola & Home}

And finally we ended at the base.
I was exhausted by this point, so we didn't get many pictures, and quite honestly, the shots that I did want to get never happened, so for those who are sick of seeing my face, this post will be a bit of a relief...


When we got home we were beyond ready for bed, so Brad read the baby a bedtime book & off to dreamland we all went.  I have been so blessed during this pregnancy not to be woken up by her kicking & with only a few late night trips to the bathroom.  Maybe we will be so blessed to have her be a nighttime sleeper... wishful thinking?!?


  1. So sweet. You look beautiful, Momma!
    Thanks for gave me sweet memories from years ago.

  2. Kalen, your pictures are beautiful! Pink is your color :-) How wonderful Brad reading to the baby. Dad always read and spoke to the babies everyday and when the babies were born they recognized Dad's voice. He would whisper close to their ears and say all that he said when they were inside and they always settled in for him. It is a true miracle.

    A true keepsake!
    Thanks for sharing!