Tuesday, March 27, 2012

boppy pillow

Everyone tells me how much of a lifesaver the boppy pillow is when breast feeding, so I ordered one a few weeks ago.  I couldn't find a cover I liked {except for this one, but I wasn't really up for spending $30 on one}, so I ordered the naked pillow & decided I would try my hand at making my own cover.  I think this was the most nervous I've been about a project I have made... I was terrified it wouldn't fit when all was said & done & on top of it, I have never sewn a zipper before & so many people stress about how difficult it is.  Maybe I did it wrong because I thought it was easy peasy!  I'll let you know if it falls apart. ;)

So, I found the pattern & tutorial {here}, picked out my fabric, & off I went...

...I was thrilled with the finished product & even happier with the fact that the pillow fit nice and snug inside {and not loose in spots like the one pictured in the tutorial}.  I followed the instructions to a "T."  A simple project & for those who aren't a fan of the factory prints, I highly recommend making your own!  Heck, I think I'll find some more cute fabric & make a backup for when this one is in the wash. :)


  1. Very cute! Wish I had this when I had my babies...I used a regular pillow!
    I am enjoying your journey. All the best to you and hubby and baby!

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  3. I love the colors of the boppy.
    So cute!