Tuesday, March 27, 2012

boppy pillow

Everyone tells me how much of a lifesaver the boppy pillow is when breast feeding, so I ordered one a few weeks ago.  I couldn't find a cover I liked {except for this one, but I wasn't really up for spending $30 on one}, so I ordered the naked pillow & decided I would try my hand at making my own cover.  I think this was the most nervous I've been about a project I have made... I was terrified it wouldn't fit when all was said & done & on top of it, I have never sewn a zipper before & so many people stress about how difficult it is.  Maybe I did it wrong because I thought it was easy peasy!  I'll let you know if it falls apart. ;)

So, I found the pattern & tutorial {here}, picked out my fabric, & off I went...

...I was thrilled with the finished product & even happier with the fact that the pillow fit nice and snug inside {and not loose in spots like the one pictured in the tutorial}.  I followed the instructions to a "T."  A simple project & for those who aren't a fan of the factory prints, I highly recommend making your own!  Heck, I think I'll find some more cute fabric & make a backup for when this one is in the wash. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

maternity shoot: {NAS Pensacola & Home}

And finally we ended at the base.
I was exhausted by this point, so we didn't get many pictures, and quite honestly, the shots that I did want to get never happened, so for those who are sick of seeing my face, this post will be a bit of a relief...


When we got home we were beyond ready for bed, so Brad read the baby a bedtime book & off to dreamland we all went.  I have been so blessed during this pregnancy not to be woken up by her kicking & with only a few late night trips to the bathroom.  Maybe we will be so blessed to have her be a nighttime sleeper... wishful thinking?!?

maternity shoot: {Fort Pickens}

Our second stop along the way was Fort Pickens.

I found this site on Pinterest of great photo locations to search for in your area & the only place that came up in Pensacola was a fort from the Civil War era.  This was a great trade-off for dragging Brad around all day on this little adventure.  We spent most of our time here exploring the grounds & learning about the history of the fort.  And don't be fooled, I love this stuff as much as Brad does! :)

...and even one of Brad...

maternity shoot: {Seville Square}

I am almost through week #36 & I can't believe there is only a month to go before our little lady arrives {give or take depending on her willingness to be prompt}.
I had wanted to get professional pictures taken of this special moment, but being that the packages ranged anywhere from $400-$700, I could think of many other things that would be more beneficial to the baby & to us than professional pictures...

...so, I hired my hubby to take them!!!  And all it cost was an entire day of driving around Pensacola & some site seeing! :)  And let me just tell you, he's AMAZING!!!  I am so happy we made the decision to do this ourselves because I know I would have never been nearly as comfortable with a professional photographer as I was with him.

So, I handed the camera over to Brad {which never happens} and off we went...
...Our first stop:  Seville Square!!

This is by far my favorite part of Pensacola.  There's so much history down in this little section & some beautiful buildings!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday marked a new milestone in my husband's career.
He is officially out of student status & is moving on to what will be his future in the Navy.
 And let me just say, this wife couldn't be prouder!!

Brad was class leader & was presented with a certificate for his hard work throughout the course along with a certificate for leading 117 sailors in command PT.  Talk about a perfect job for him!
He has worked so so hard since we got to Pensacola.  So many nights he has spent at the kitchen table trying to make sense of all of the procedures that go into doing his job.  And so many times he has tried to explain to me what he was learning in class as I looked at him cross eyed.  I really don't know how he crammed so much information into such little time!  Especially when this is a field he had zero knowledge of prior to joining the Navy.  The class received the equivalent of an associates degree in a matter of only 9 weeks!  I will admit, I'm bragging, but I just can't relay how proud I am of him!

Now, after this baby gets here we will be on our way to our first permanent duty station & Brad will begin his career!  He is so excited to get this show on the road!  I have a feeling I'm going to miss student status & knowing he wasn't going anywhere while we were here, but he will do an amazing job in the fleet & it will be a new adventure for both of us!